Surgical Shots

It is every golfer’s dream to play scratch or under. Most never get to that. There are those that come close but few touch the brinks of that desire. Golf is a deceptive sport. It seems like a piece of cake from the outside but playing is not like eating a pastry. It rattles likeContinue reading “Surgical Shots”

The Beauty Contest

“The beauty is a heart inflamed and a soul enchanted.” Khalil Gibran  In the name of the beauty present at the Cafe’ 19, he hit a great shot that crossed the long water hazard and landed at a putter’s grip away from the pin. The caddie shouts “you nailed it sir.” His heart wants toContinue reading “The Beauty Contest”

The Wings of Love

It begins with a glance and ends in tears. It rises from waiting and leads to longing. Once the eyes meet, the calm departs. When beauty arrives … The Wings of Love