Royalty, Peasants and Golf

Made out of plastic and rubber, the golf ball resembles an egg. The club is made of graphite or steel and rubber. All of it is a lifeless matter, yet the stick swings at such a high speed that causes the ball to take a flight to hundreds of yards. Only for a brief moment,Continue reading “Royalty, Peasants and Golf”

Holding On

Holding On — Read on

Big Apple

On a hot summer morning, a young bride and her enthusiastic husband wait in an old Honda Accord. They are right at the mouth of the Lincoln Tunnel to cross into the big apple, New York City. The hurtling traffic was annoying as usual but on the radio, FM 103 was a relief. Renowned guitaristContinue reading “Big Apple”

Holding On

The East horizon was liberating the sun gradually on that beautiful morning. The grass held onto the dewdrops dearly. Trees basked in the sun, and the flowers yawned to bloom. I fit in with nature with my blue golf attire, and my trusty Taylormade M6 kit by my side. The crew wore nice colognes thatContinue reading “Holding On”

Seven Over Par Three

Life is a see-saw, a blend of up and down, good and bad, success and failure, shot and shank. Just like day and night, summer and winter, spring and autumn time keeps clicking. We live on a rotating and revolving planet. Universe around us is ever expanding. We are balls of the game of lifeContinue reading “Seven Over Par Three”

Illusions and Life

For those who see with the eye of the heart, the picture above represents an ancient god, a present one, a flag post, and golfing green. The strip of trees reminds viewers to maintain equilibrium between faith and reason. Fog in the snap illuminates the story of an illusionary human mind and the power ofContinue reading “Illusions and Life”

Still Your Shot

It is only 10:30 pm and my eyelids are hurrying to fold. The day following this night was busy and demanding. Even on the cusp of falling asleep, golf is on my mind. I have an early morning match tomorrow at Gymkhana Club Golf Course. My co-flyers have been practicing hard at the range whileContinue reading “Still Your Shot”

Heavy Heads

I was scrolling down my Facebook page this afternoon and the picture above popped up on my screen. It was posted by a very dear friend of mine from college days, Billy Wayne Adcock, Jr. He happens to end up physically and mentally at the strangest spots on both the internet and our great planet.Continue reading “Heavy Heads”

Beat Them All

They are heroes at the golf clubs. They walk with their broad shoulders hawkishly, brag about their achievements and goals, stand tall like a winner, and are known as pros. Many people wait for their turns to take lessons from them at the range. When they come to tee off they start from the blackContinue reading “Beat Them All”


I swear, after seeing your face the whole world is fraud and fantasy  Rumi “Once I have seen your ocean blue eyes, I can not see elsewhere. Ever … Arrival