Sultans Of Swing

The inspiration of today’s title is from Dire Strait’s track: ‘Sultans of swing.’ Yes we all desire to swing impressively but there is only one that can be called the sultan of swing, he is none other than the GOAT (greatest of all time), Tiger Woods. 

A child called Eldrick Tont Woods aka (also known as) Tiger Woods was born on December 30th, 1975 in Cyprus California. He descends from a hoard of different ethnicities. The only child of an African American Army Officer whose heritage consisted of white, asian, and native american; and Kultida, a native of Thailand whose own ancestry includes Chinese and Dutch. He turned out to be a golf lord and carries a corking career. The list of his remarkable achievements is long and envying. His life is an open message that multiplication of races can breed a generation of unprecedented achievers. Bob Marley is another reference in the context. 

Tiger is a son of Rtd. Col. Earl Woods. Earl was a Vietnam veteran, a college-level football player and a writer. He wrote books like ‘Training A Tiger,’ ‘Playing Through,’ and ‘Start Something: You Can Make a Difference.’ 

GolfDigest Associate Editor Mathew Rudy, asks Earl Woods 

“Let’s talk about training Tiger. Are you worried that your success in raising him has created a bunch of parents who push their kids toward unrealistic goals?”

Earl “Yes. And I tried to head it off. I make it very, very clear [in Training a Tiger] that my purpose in raising Tiger was not to raise a golfer. I wanted to raise a good person. And hopefully I gave specific enough directions that parents won’t go overboard and use their child’s success to validate their own self-worth”. 

Tiger was provided an opportunity and he got the maximum out of it. Time, age and resources were there at his disposal and he worked very hard to make use of all those. When the role of your duty combines with your passion you perform miraculously.  

Golf is a bouquet of swings. Some swings are perfect and some are loose. It takes a lot of practice to learn a proper golf swing. Tiger’s swing has achieved unprecedented record breaking performance that buried all competition. This makes him sultan of swing

Each golfer dreams to hit it perfectly, many spend hours practicing on the golf range but can not translate the swing in their mind to the field. I stand tall among them. I have played for a long time with this assumption that I have learned how to swing. The more I get seasoned the more I realize what is missing in my swing. I think it is a lifelong learning and lurking that lingers on. Golf requires patience, practice, skill, talent, and rhythm to get finer. It’s like learning to dance. The more you dance the better you become. 

I play golf with music. According to Michael Fasano co-host of Golf Podcast, waltz is best for golf practice on range. Of course we can’t play golf with earphones on so I have attached a speaker to my golf kit with the compliments of Bluetooth and iTunes. Tiger’s favorite song is “Return of the Mark” by Mark Morrison. He says he grew up listening to music from the late 80’s and 90’s notably Prince & Michael Jackson. 

Lately I am going through a dry spell in life and dull time in my writing. My mood is completely withered and my feelings are barren. Music, reading, calls to friends, chit chat with loved ones, TV, and movies nothing is comforting anymore. Once the COVID-19 attack inflated recently, I paused golf again. Again, no golf has turned into no satisfaction. That really takes a harsh toll and makes me sulky and morose. This swing in my mood is far from a Sultan’s rather frames me as obnoxious. 

This write up is an attempt on my part to stay in touch with my readers and to keep my blog afloat. Your opinion and feedback would matter much in my future endeavors. It’s the overlapping frustration from this long and unpredictable pandemic that’s ballooning up again. Wish you all healthiness, happiness and hilariousness.  May you swing & shine like Tiger. Swing on. 

Steel Panther: “Just like Tiger woods” 


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