Wandering Words

There comes bright day light after each night. The union of days and nights breeds time and time can be good or bad. It could be yours or mine. It can be delightful and it can be abysmal. Time is the one way stream of never ending marathons of the stars heading towards infinity. The earth rotates regularly to share the sunlight among all of its residents. What has passed is but a moment, and difficult hours seem like eternity. The breath in your arms is heavenly, the pulse in your absence is hellish. Time in your company is blissful, separation from you is painful. Hand in your hand is a journey, going alone is a travel.

All love stories don’t mature and all grudges don’t last. Neither all smiles are fake nor all tears are true. Every handshake is not for friendship and all promises are not for keeping. All mail is not love letters, and all messages are not from the beloved. All those running are not scared and all afloat are not swimmers. Most stars are lost in the abyss and not all suns rise from the east. Some blankets are to conceal sins for winter and so much piety is to attract fame. 

Youth is fleeting and beauty is ephemeral. Life is a ticking clock and age has diminishing returns. The sun shines for a few hours and darkness ends at dawn. A child crawls for a few months and toys lose attraction soon. 

Flowers bloom briefly and leaves fall again. You can not drink it all but a bottle will finish soon. Pain is periodic whereas cure takes time. Fruit doesn’t ripe in a day and not all rains bring storms. A rainbow is a smile of the skies and lightning is their fury. Romance is the grammar of passion and patience is the tense of the future. 

Grace falls upon the blessed and success follows the industrious. 

Happiness is a frame of mind and enjoyment is an attitude. The cure is a remedy and prevention is preemption. Ships sail through storms and boats stay at bay. Flute makes melodies and drums roar. Roses release aroma and seeds become trees. Time travels forward and water flows downward. Dreams move fast but the sleeper stays still. 

And I write all this because I have nothing else to write. I miss maundering. The pandemic has stretched too long. I need to go away. I need to fly. I want to wander. This writing is my way of wandering through words. 



PAF Skyview Golf & Country Club 


Ahsan Jamil 

Golfer, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Author, Poet, Wanderer, photographer 

Email: Golfaij@gmail.com

Website: Golfaij.com

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Golfer, entrepreneur, author, blogger, wanderer, photographer

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