The Fall

“When the world pushes you to your knees, you are in the perfect position to pray.”


The rising stars, soaring birds, mountain climbers and growing trees, golfers seldom look downward. Their rise is what matters to them. The fact is! What goes up comes down. Most of world history is just a book of the rise and fall of races, religions, empires and historical figures. Kingdom formed and lost. In most stories of success and defeat, principally, reasons and causes are always the same, merely the names or dates change. What never changes is the mistakes that all successful people make. Fall is inevitable when the successful stop listening to advice. At a stage the successful begin to believe to be the wisest. As a result of lack of consultancy, they don’t place the right people for the right job. Pick and choose, liking and disliking. Personal whims & unnecessary delays become routine. The flattery that causes superiority complex, high headedness that leads to ignorance and heroism that provides fire for arrogance. Such are roots that feed the Banyan of downfall. Centuries and millennials change but the ingredients of rise and fall remain the same. 

Success also has its own rules. Identifying a goal. Determination to achieve it. Patience to train. Will to practice. Sincerity to sweat. Sacrificing for the purpose and willingness to make repeated attempts  birth success. 

In the battles of achievements mostly the greedy lose and the industrious wins. Greed leads to blind ambition and faith breeds determination.  Mighty is often defeated by the zealots. Reason questions but belief makes it viable. 

Sincerity is a certainly great asset but skill is a requirement. Where a flower represents reproduction the thorn means protection. Of course flattery is soothing yet criticism is eye opener. The successful must know the difference between a foot licking cat and a yelling friend. Power, fame and success are deafening but stumbling brings reality back. Nothing lasts forever yet the laws of nature do. 

While sitting on the throne of success one should remember that there was someone else sitting there before the one. And many others are constantly trying hard to get there. 

There’s been a continuous contest for power, fame and wealth and it will remain so. Success basically is the product of struggle; it definitely becomes stagnant specially in the absence of hard work. 

 Success is a path that is prone to mistakes. Those who admit a mistake, learn from it and refrain from repeating it tend to last longer. Longer or shorter 

all those who rise will fall. Some fall gracefully and some fall in violence.

There are many reasons for battles. Yet the most important of them for all is the one for equality among humans & beyond. And that’s the most difficult one. In a fight for social justice, losing is no issue,  because fighting for it matters the most. 

“The only real struggle in the history of the world…is between the vested interest and social justice.”

Arnold Joseph Toynbee


Ahsan Jamil

Golfer, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Author, Poet, Wanderer, photographer, Rebel.



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Golfer, entrepreneur, author, blogger, wanderer, photographer

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