Hill of the Dead

She was still wearing stone carved bangles on her left arm although nothing remained of her but those bones. Ladies really hang on to their jewelry. Those man made rings of stone can out last many more wearers like her. What a journey of this stone. Still on display catering the same charm, performing theContinue reading “Hill of the Dead”

Unfulfilled Dreams

In the lap of mighty mountains, among the plantations of bristlecone pine and flower beds of chiltern gentian, yellow pond lily, pyrenean buttercup, Fiordaliso, and the dominant white lily; sits a cute locality at eight thousand feet above sea level. It is called Ayubia.  It is famous for its weather, natural beauty, chairlifts, summer resortsContinue reading “Unfulfilled Dreams”


While I began to write on a golf tour to the textile capital of Pakistan, Faisalabad; my chauffeur’s phone rang and the tune of a folk song broke the silence in our SUV. That was his ringtone. It touched my heart. I asked him to play that song in the car via Bluetooth and YouTube. Continue reading “Beautiful”

Lahore to Lyallpur

The veranda at Gymkhana Golf Club is where we often congregate to appreciate humor, boiled eggs, and French toasts. We flock there with full fervor to crack jokes, enjoy mockery and satire. It is where we plan the extracurricular activities of our golfing cult. The group decided to take the game to another city, throughContinue reading “Lahore to Lyallpur”

Royal Palm Golf & Country Club

A beautiful canal floats through the middle of the historic city of Lahore; it is formed on the delta of Ravi. Its residents know the value of this water channel. Ornamental plantation, decorative lights, immaculately manicured green belts, and chains of flowerbeds, all add to its grandeur.  The signal-free roads on both banks of theContinue reading “Royal Palm Golf & Country Club”

Love Scares

Whenever Dorothy comes across scorching heat, he provides a cover. She knows he cares for her, he is always present like a shadow. She wants to reveal her feelings to him and is bewildered if he will reciprocate or not. While his eyes glitter when he sees her, his lips never release the magic wordsContinue reading “Love Scares”


Today on the golf course, something was distracting me.  Once I concentrated, I realised it was the memory of a friend who has fallen ill to coronavirus and was unable to join me. This led me down a spiral of memories and I wondered what this human function is? I am pondering what is aContinue reading “Memory”

Those Who Lose It

Success is the most sought after commodity in all ages. It is a part of everyone who walks through the path of life. People live and die for it. Most of the hands that are held up for prayers, most of the eyes that rise towards skies, most of the hearts that beat for aContinue reading “Those Who Lose It”


Golf is a great game, a wonderful ritual, and an excellent way to lead an active life. It is played in a series of beautiful gardens, in an immaculate ambiance, in sophisticated attire and with marvelous gear. However, a golfer sporadically encounters uneven roughs and unexpected injuries.  Today after the round, I proceeded towards theContinue reading “Fall”

Real Estate in Heaven

On the lap of the dark night there might sleep a bright sun. Behind the bright day there might be a moon waiting. The evening might hide a crescent in twilight. There may be worlds within tiny twinkles in the sky. A branch may hold a flower inside. A kiss may carry a disease onContinue reading “Real Estate in Heaven”