Neighborhood of The Milky Way

The night is dark, the moon is missing, stars rule the sky tonight, and the Milky Way glitters in full.  When I bring my eyes back to earth, another constellation sits in my neighborhood as well. As a matter of fact, I am a part of this twinkling world at the moment. This is aContinue reading “Neighborhood of The Milky Way”

Off to Golf

It’s not easy to get up so early in the morning, especially on a darling day like Sunday. A day that is made to do things you wanted to do all week but you couldn’t or to do things that you wouldn’t do all week. Sleeping is a priority among them. All retirees who remindContinue reading “Off to Golf”

Racing with the Dream Catcher

The sun had dimmed, twilight unfurling, traffic was bumper to bumper and I was in no rush to reach Lahore; my hometown almost 400 km to the south. The Lahore-Islamabad motorway is a marvel of Pak- Korean engineering collaboration. That makes the cruise between the two cities a fun drive. Tonight, a beautiful traveler wasContinue reading “Racing with the Dream Catcher”


All of us humans are in a hurry, even in our sleep. We sprint through the shower, get ready quickly, have instant breakfast, rush out of our home, and try to reach the office within no time. Spending each moment of our life to get to the next one. We deny the now, wishing forContinue reading “Routine”

I’d Love To Lose

Of course I wanna win in all walks of life nonstop, repeatedly. Players play to win, to stand out, to shine and to attain the spotlight. The gloat of standing on the podium even for a few seconds, makes me exercise, practice and sweat. I do push ups when others sleep. I jog while friendsContinue reading “I’d Love To Lose”


Rain ruins the golfers routine; but it is an unavoidable and pleasant reality. Rain in different cultures is associated with different taboos. In some societies it is regarded as a bad portent, as they call it ‘rainy days’. In others, it is revered as a blessing. In most countries located in warm weather hemispheres, especiallyContinue reading “Rain”

Clash of the Cousins

My youngest son Qadir and my youngest nephew Mr. Sairam both are high school students and golfers in the making. They decided to play some … Clash of… Clash of the Cousins

Clash of the Cousins

My youngest son Qadir and my youngest nephew Mr. Sairam both are high school students and golfers in the making. They decided to play some competitive golf, they paired with their respective coaches and announced a match. Both veterans and their students began to train at the range day and night. They exchanged idioms andContinue reading “Clash of the Cousins”

Chinar Golf Club

Turn after turn the hills keep appearing, ascent after ascent, heights approach one after another. Eagerness of reaching the final peak increasing by the minute and enthusiasm to step on the 11th highest golf course in the world, is very consuming. I cannot wait to hit from a tee at 6350 ft above sea level.Continue reading “Chinar Golf Club”

Hill of the Dead

She was still wearing stone carved bangles on her left arm although nothing remained of her but those bones. Ladies really hang on to their jewelry. Those man made rings of stone can out last many more wearers like her. What a journey of this stone. Still on display catering the same charm, performing theContinue reading “Hill of the Dead”